Overtime game, overtime post

Mr. A hails from The Natural State, so when we’re not watching my alma mater, The U play, we watch the Arkansas Razorbacks.

As I type this, we’re currently going into double overtime against TCU right now, so he’s switched from America Lights to an America Light and a finger of Redbreast‘s 12 year Irish whiskey:

Mr. A describes it as “not overly hot, aged well, not too oaky, not as complex or interesting as it could be for a twelve year whiskey. The bottle looks cool.”

The “cool” bottle:

The bottle ended in a 7, so I knew. But the bottle was like, ten dollars cheaper than what I’d pay wholesale.” (He’s “in the industry,” as restaurant folks like to call it)

Location: Queens Landing.
Beverage: Jameson Redbreast Irish Whiskey. Aged 12 years.
Vessel: “A” glass. Morse Manor.

Update by the end of this post: Arkansas wins, 41-38! Woo pig sooie!


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