Rise and let other people do the grinding

By no means do I consider myself a coffee connoisseur. I prefer to let other people expertly make the coffee and I partake and praise their existence. Mr. A tends to grab his coffee at work when he opens in the morning, which left me on my own today. My choices were using a K-cup (our machine hates me, I’m convinced), brewing using regular grounds (via pot or French press), or go out.

I went out.

Granted, I went out to go work out, but I chose my workout location based on what would get me to breakfast faster. This morning, I went to Lab 1270 to check out Yoga with Nya. Well, I went to Dock 5 first, and upon arrival, found a bunch of men using leaf blowers inside – not exactly conducive to any sun salutations.

Yoga with Nya is now every Sunday, at 10 am, inside the S3 Active boutique, over at the new LAB 1270 space at 1274 5th Street NE. I’ve been terribly inconsistent with my yoga practice, not to mention out of working out regularly due to foot and knee issues, so a small class setting was a good choice for me. I’ve always had issues just rolling from my up dog to my down dog – my ankles are super flexible and my back is really open so I can get into a posture easily, but not necessarily in the safest way. Nya just adjusted my shoulders and just guided my hips back and up. So simple, but made all the difference. Now, just gotta actually remember to do that over and over, until it’s muscle memory.

But, back to coffee.

We’re at the end of summer here in Washington, DC, and despite a great breeze today, it’s still very warm and fairly humid, which means iced coffee. After yoga, I walked back over to Union Market and joined the line at the Peregrine Espresso counter.


Today’s cold coffee was a flash brewed Iced Hologram:


Syrupy, a little fruity, and supposedly milk chocolate notes in there, but I didn’t quite catch that. A quick squeeze of simple syrup, and we’re good to go. Paired quite nicely with my rude girl (bacon and jalapeño cream cheese) on an everything bagel from Buffalo and Bergen:


One of these days, I’ll go to B&B and get their award winning Lox’d & Loaded Bloody Mary:


I would insert a photo of one right here, but that glory deserves a post all its own.


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