Getting Prim(us)ed for the week ahead

I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people, which makes a weekend where I get to see people that I rarely ever see all the better.

This weekend, I hung out with a couple of friends I used to live with. One was a sorority sister and former roommate that has since moved out to the ‘burbs with her fiancé. She relatively recently moved to the DMV area and because she was so close, there was never any pressure to see her right away. Mea culpa. We have, however, made plans to do better and at least, get lunch this week. We’re so close to each other now! There are no excuses!

The other, was a friend Mr. A and I used to live with. She and I moved into the house Mr. A and his friend shared some years ago, and aside from sharing a house, we shared a love for rom-coms, 90’s music (though that’s definitely shared among our group of girlfriends), and bad food. Every year, Mr. A and his friends go on a white water rafting trip and one year, the very night the guys left, she and I decided to order ourselves a Pizza Hut dinner box. Unfortunately, the last time I had ordered from Pizza Hut via app (I’m awkward and don’t like to actually talk to people), I had put Mr. A’s phone number in. Thirty minutes later, Mr. A called me to tell me that Pizza Hut was outside the house with our order. Busted.

Anywho. She and I may or may not have made a KFC popcorn chicken run on Friday…and then ordered some Pizza Hut on Sunday, but at least other people initiated that.

One thing she introduced me to was bubbly for any day. Who needs a reason to celebrate when life and being alive is worth celebrating in itself? Enter the Tuesday champagne flute.

Okay, so today wasn’t Tuesday, and we had prosecco instead of champagne, but still, we hung out and that in itself has been way too infrequent, considering we now live about three blocks away from each other. I met up with her and another girlfriend and had a lovely day of bubbly and puppies. First up, Kirkland Prosecco:


Don’t be snooty. This very budget friendly sparkler is delightful, especially on a nice warm day, when you’re being cooled off by a mister.

Out of Veneto, these bubbles average about $6.95/bottle at your local Costco.

Location: Staples Street.
Beverage: Kirkland Prosecco. Veneto, Italy.
Vessel: Champagne flute.

From there, we decided to switch up to a rosé. Now, I love rosé. Let me say it again: I. Love. Rosé. My phone case even says “Rosé all day.” I’m about as basic as it gets. Actually, except for the PSLs. I preferred the old faux pumpkin that the ‘bucks was shilling, but perhaps this year will surprise me.

I digress.

Next up: La Rosé de Mouton Cadet:


I mentioned that mister right?

This 2015 rosé out of Bordeaux blends Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes and pairs well with beef, lamb, and spicy food. We, however, paired it with Spotify’s Soak Up The Sun playlist. Definitely recommend. Though there was a bit of contention over Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way” – that damn song just reminds me of Ice Age. (Yeah, good luck getting it out of your head now.) Anyway, very refreshing on a warm day. A bit of grapefruit, some minerality, a bit tart.

Location: Still Staples Street.
Beverage: Le Rosé de Mouton Cadet. Château Mouton Rothschild.
Vessel: Champagne flute. Yup, didn’t bother to change and the only washing this champagne flute has gotten has been that mister attachment on the garden hose. #lazy.

After that, my friend went to pick her boyfriend up from the airport, and left our other friend and I to watch the pups and continue enjoying the warm weather/sunshine/drinks, so it was time to switch back to the sparkles:


Mr. A and I had a whole case of these bottles of Ruffino Prosecco intended for mimosas (in case you didn’t already know – DC is Brunch City). D.O.C, dry, drinkability. All things that are pluses in my book. Nice and crisp.

Location: Still Staples Street
Beverage: Ruffino Prosecco. Toscana, Italy.
Vessel: See? There was a reason not to give up on that champagne flute just yet.

Eventually, some hours, an Archer episode, some Pizza Hut, and many waters later, Mr. A and I made it the whole three blocks home and watched the Oscar nominated film Brooklyn. I’ve seen it before, and I’ve read the book, so the story wasn’t any surprise to me, yet somehow, I appreciated the story so much more this time around. Hm. Mr. A, however, was convinced he has seen the kid that played the little Italian kid, Frankie Fiorello, before, to which I was like “nope, he hasn’t been in anything except one Fresh Off the Boat episode that we’ve seen but can’t remember him in.” Of course, he promptly proved me wrong and found the Play 60 commercial he was in with Cam Newton.

Apparently, something about watching a movie about an Irish woman (played by the always wonderful Saiorse Ronan) immigrating to America and falling in love with an Italian in Brooklyn calls for a medium bodied Chilean red blend:


2013 Primus The Blend, out of Chile’s Colchagua Valley. This red blend is full of blackberries, with a little spice. Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc, if you’re curious. Dry, but not to the point that you’re smacking your lips, looking for any moisture. Fruit forward, but not jammy.  Very, very enjoyable.

Location: Queens Landing.
Beverage: 2013 Primus The Blend. Chile.
Vessel: Riedel O Cabernet Glass.

On the east coast, it’s now Monday, so with visions of flared skirts and Irish brogues in my head, off to bed!


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