Of Beers, Babies and Barely Clothed Men

What a packed weekend! The past few days were all about good friends, new jobs, and babies on the way.

Friday began healthily, as I’d been feeling achy and run down since Wednesday, with a green smoothie:

Pretty gross looking, but I promise it was way tastier than it looks.

Location: Eleanor. Our Subaru Forester.
Beverage: Fruity green smoothie (recipe below).
Vessel: Medium Nutribullet To-Go Cup.

Fruity Green Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 cup mango
  • 1 cup cherries
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • some green tea and coconut LaCroix to thin it out for easy sipping.

The weekend was really kicked off with a beer at home: 

Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout. Fun to open the can, meh the rest of the way.

Let me throw in a disclaimer here: Mr. A and I are not Sam Adams fans. Just like we keep trying olives, to see if one day we like them, we keep giving the Boston brewery the old college try, but are, more often than not, left less than impressed.

I didn’t think this one was all that bad, but very sweet. More chocolate, less coffee, but very smooth on the tongue. Dark in color, with a creamy head.

Location: Queens Landing.
Beverage: Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout.
Vessel: Crate and Barrel. Crescent Collection Rocks Glass.

Friday night brought us to Biergarten Haus, to celebrate a friend’s new job. With Oktoberfest just around the corner, the usual Spaten, Hofbrau, Paulaner, and Weihenstephaner taps have been replaced with each brewery’s respective Oktoberfest blend. First up for me, Spaten Oktoberfest:

This märzen pours a nice amber color and is full of caramel. My favorite kind of beer. Malty, with a pinch of hops and low carbonation. Slick is the only word to describe how this ones feels going down.  Good beer, but I was ready to move on.

Location: Biergarten Haus.
Beverage: Spaten Oktoberfest.
Vessel: 1/2 Liter Stein.

Next up was Benediktiner’s Oktoberfest:

Sure, I was filtering all evening due to dim outdoor lighting, but as you can see, Benediktiner Weißbräu’s take on Oktoberfest bier is quite a bit different.

This märzen was more up my alley: still amber with caramel, but with some honey and raisin in there too, balancing out a bit of bitter. Smooth and creamy, all the way.

Location: Biergarten Haus.
Beverage: Benediktiner Oktoberfest.
Vessel: 1/2 Liter Stein.


Saturday started off strong, with what may as well be the holy trinity of brunch at Union Market:

Buffalo and Bergen. Again.

Coffee (an Americano), water, booze (a mimosa). Something to wake me up, something to hydrate me, and something to get the party started.

Nothing crazy here, so I’ll focus in on that mimosa there: drinkable, but way too much orange juice. I prefer my mimosas with just a hint of OJ for color.

The real focus (consumables-wise) was my breakfast sandwich:

Egg, sausage and provolone on an egg everything bagel from Buffalo and Bergen. We had been talking about egg everythings the night before at Biergarten, so when I saw it on the menu, I had to have it. My bagels of yore seem like mere pieces of dough compared with this egg washed, seed covered goodness.

(If you’ve been reading this blog, you should know by now – I love carbs.)

The party then moved on to a cup of blood orange kombucha, which unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of. I like blood orange, but I definitely prefer Craft Kombucha’s elderflower over their blood orange. This was super tart and a bit flat, though this cup consisted of the last dregs of the keg, so it could’ve been that.  Still need to go back and try the rest of the flavors!

From there, the party was on hiatus too I got out to Del Ray for a friend’s baby shower. This couple who hosted has an amazing house. Almost a hundred years old, tastefully refurbished and decorated,  with a great backyard, but this was my favorite part:

A not so mini fridge, full of LaCroix. It’s like I died and went to well-hydrated heaven.

Okay, so the hostess is pregnant, and sure, if she wasn’t, it probably be full of wine and beer, but she is and that’s okay. I got to go on a journey of flavor:

First up, passion fruit:

Sweet, tart, a little like a starburst, though I can put my finger on which flavor in particular. Still,quite delightful, and would make a great cocktail, I’m sure.

A brief beer break was then had:

Ballast Point Brewing Company’s Pineapple Sculpin. I’ve had the grapefruit sculpin before and figured why not, it’s still summer. It was okay, an IPA, so hop intense, with a bit of fruit. This was definitely more tart pineapple rather than sweet, straight off the  Dole plantation in Hawaii pineapple.

Location: Del Ray.
Beverage: Spaten Oktoberfest.
Vessel: 1/2 Liter Stein.

Back to LaCroix:

There was one Kiwi Sandia LaCroix Curaté left, so yup. I was that person and grabbed it. Had to try it while I could!

This was way more watermelon than it was kiwi, and really, just way too syrupy sweet. Again, like a Starburst, but not nearly as good as the Strawberry Kiwi starburst though! I quite enjoy these Curaté blends, but between this and the ice cream sandwich I had for dessert, i was left craving all the water I could possibly drink to flush out all the sugar in my system.


Sunday was an (almost) all girls’ day. A few of us started off with some much needed nail work, which for me, included cold brew from A Baked Joint:

As you can see, I went blue. Normally, I go with fairly neutral or reddish shades for my feet, because I feel like my feet just look cold in blues (or moldy in green). I had some nice, autumnal colors picked out, but then looked over at my friend Elizabeth, and decided I should enjoy the last vestiges of summer weather, while it’s still here.

Location: Q West Nails 2.
Beverage: Cold brew iced coffee.
Vessel: Plastic cup to go!
Details are scarce since this one got picked up for me.

One of the other gals picked up some Ruffino to enjoy while we got our nails did, but as my nails were still wet, I didn’t get any pictures of that. I wish, I did however, as the second bottle ended up mostly in my rinsed out coffee cup, so as not to be wasted on our way to brunch.


Oh boy, brunch.

Ha, boy. What I mean is oh man, brunch.

Sax DC has started Sir Sundays, an all male burlesque brunch, that caters to the Magic Mike loving market:

Photography by Drew Xeron


Photography by Drew Xeron

On top (ahem) of the scantily clad men (including our table “stud”), we also got a plate of bites and bottomless mimosas (those men were not bottomless – speedos count as clothing).

PS – if like me, you get a poorly made flute that comes apart where the stem met the vessel upon placing it down on the table, you are given a plastic replacement flute:

Apologies for the terrible phone photo. It was dark!

Honestly, they should save money on glassware and give all the attendees plastic, and use the money on better seat cushions for people on the sofas.

The food, was meh, at best. Some damn good grilled Brussels sprouts and a nice quinoa salad, but the rest was passable and made me happy that I had made breakfast that morning.

Let’s be honest though – the real reason anyone is going to this is for the men. The dances weren’t bad – there’s a military themed number that is hands down the best part. At the end of the session, guests are led out of the venue through a separate entrance, and can then meet/take photos with the dancers. Kind of took away from the show magic. I think we all had a favorite (or maybe it was just me?) and then seeing him up close. Sad. Not as hot.

Regardless, so. many. abs.

Abs for days.

Grossly sweaty abs.

To be honest, it made me a little afraid of being near them. So. much. sweat. Anyway, the real takeaway from man brunch, as we’d been referring to it, was the aerialist (click the link for some video. I have yet to upgrade this site to be able to host videos. One day…maybe sooner if someone buys me a plan…)

I need to take some aerial classes, stat.


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