I’ve been waitin’ all day for Sun, er Monday Night

Monday Night Football! Great when your team is based on the same coast as you are! Terrible otherwise.

Our friends and neighbors, lovingly/collectively called “JoCo,” are luckily (for time reasons) huge Philly fans (Phans? Or is that just for baseball?) and invited us for a very Philadelphia dinner of Korean bulgogi tacos and twice baked potato skins. Our other friends, the Ls, brought over a great cheese and chicken dip, which made me so glad I’m giving up all other dairy so I could enjoy this. They were delicious, but let’s be honest, that’s not the point of this blog, is it?

The evening started off with a new craft beer shop, the Craft Beer Cellar, located at 301 H Street NE, across from Giant:


Credit: Prince of Petworth

Deceptively small from the outside, rather large on the inside. Beers, ciders, local liquors, large formats, make your own six packs. Loyalty program! Everything wonderful. I’ll review another time, when I can go back when I’m not running late and can enjoy that wonderful room for all its worth.

Mr. A picked up a nice random six pack, but I got this beauty:


The only thing I can tell you about this is that I picked it out because it was 1) not in the IPA section, and 2) had “glitter” in its name. We bought it, but I haven’t yet opened it, so that’s another review for later, but I already. can’t. wait.

On to the 5/6 beers in Mr. A’s six pack we did open though! [NOTE: I only had sips to try of all these here, so the reviews here are mostly from others that were imbibing! Gotta give the liver a break every so often]


Anderson Valley Fall Hornin

Anderson Valley
makes some wonderfully fragrant and tasty seasonal beers. Their Fall Hornin’ is no exception.  This deep copper colored beer is super silky, with cinnamon and nutmeg all over it. Perfect fall beer, if a bit sweet. This is a one or two of these beers, but no more. It’s supposed to be a pumpkin beer, but more like “this would go really well with a slice of pumpkin (pie)” beer.


Location: Schnitzengiggle.
Style: Pumpkin Beer.
ABV: 6%
IBU: 20



Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Brewery is another favorite of ours. If you ever get a chance to go up to Kalamazoo, Michigan, for whatever reason, stop in at the Eccentric Cafe. Get yourself a flight or two and some snacks, and sit outside on the patio and enjoy the sun in Michigan’s cool weather. You won’t regret it.

Bell’s Best Brown Ale is toasty and malta, with some hints of cocoa and toffee here. I said the Fall Hornin’ was the perfect fall beer, but really, this is it. The flavors are all cool weather, but surprisingly, this beer feels really light. There are definitely some hops at work here, but it’s all towards the end, making the entire experience rather refreshing and cozy at the same time.

Location: Schnitzengiggle.
Style: Brown Ale – American.
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 21



New Holland’s The Poet

With a name like the Poet and a raven on the label, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that New Holland Brewing was based out of Baltimore, but alas, it isn’t. Their Oatmeal Stout, however, is definitely based in Drinkability Town.

Dark. Creamy. Oat-y. Very coffee forward, with some fruit and chocolate coming up right after.

Location: Still Schnitzengiggle.
Style: Oatmeal Stout.
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 40.


The Jo of JoCo, and his Great Lakes Oktoberfest

Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing makes a fine Oktoberfest beer (points for the cheery label of toasting steins).

The Jo of JoCo’s first reaction was “ooh! This is good!” Always a sign of good things to come. His review? “Classic Octoberfest fest-style with autumn flavors. A little pumpkin-y, a little spice.”

Location: Yup. Still at Schnitzengiggle
Style: Märzen
ABV: 6.5%



Bell’s Octoberfest

Back to Bell’s. This one had a little more alcohol in the flavor, but was still yeasty like biscuits and toffeeish…like toffee and caramel. You’re probably getting sick of the “amber” and “caramel” descriptors, but hey, it’s that time of year. Still very light and would be great to drink among leaves as they turn on the trees. Seriously though, that’s what I felt with this one.

Location: Schnitzengiggle. Fourth quarter.
Style: Märzen
ABV: 5.5%


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